Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my needle felting creatures look better?

Like all art, needle felting is a craft that takes time to perfect. The main component to making your creature look better is to spend more time on the project. With your high gauge needle, felt down loose strands. Use small scissors to cut away remaining strands that are too small to felt down, and use tweezers to clean up the lines on your creature.

How long do the kits take?

With all our kits, we include an expected time to finish. For our current kits, the expected times are:

  • Panda, 3-4 hours
  • Penguin 2-3 hours

Felting speeds vary depending on your skill level and ability to learn a new craft. So, don’t be surprised if you end up finishing your kit slightly faster or it takes you longer. Enjoy the process!

Do I need to watch the online videos to complete my kit?

No! The online tutorials are included to provide a high degree of instruction with helpful tips and visualizations. However, if you prefer to work without screens, we include paper instructions in our kit that can substitute the video tutorials.

What happens if there is something missing in my kit?

We strive to make our kits perfect at Just Fuzz. However, mistakes happen. If you believe something is missing in your kit, like a color of wool or an optional extra that you ordered, contact us at and we will make it right ASAP.

Is needle felting dangerous?

Our kits contain sharp needles that can cause harm if used incorrectly. The needles should only be used as described in our tutorial videos and instruction guides. They should never be pointed at anyone’s face. The most common injury is mistakenly stabbing one’s finger, which feels like a sharp prick but is a minor injury. Wearing thimbles will mitigate this risk.

Can my child under age 10 use a kit?

Yes! However, for children under age 10, adult supervision is recommended while working with needles. Our kits require hand dexterity to avoid stabbing one’s self. If your child possesses this ability and has patience to follow our kit, we know she/he will enjoy it!