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Penguin Kit

Penguin Kit

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Felting Mat - highly recommended
Thimbles - optional for comfort
Needle Holder - optional for comfort

Waddle, waddle, waddle... Meet our penguin kit! Did you know that penguins will often gift rocks to a love interest in order to woo them? <3 Well, you can gift this kit to a special mate, a friend, or yourself! Learn to needle felt and make a cute decoration for your desk, bedside table, or windowsill. This is our most beginner-friendly creature. It will require about 2-3 hours of work.  

This kit includes:

★ High quality wool

★ Extra practice wool

★ Four felting needles

★ Step-by-step video instructions

★ Physical instruction guide

★ Optional extras you choose

    A note about extras

    Our kits come with the option of adding a felting mat, thimble, and needle holder. Do you need them? Here's what we suggest:

    • Felting mat: highly recommend as it is necessary for needle felting. This is an "optional" extra in case you already own a felting mat so we don't sell you anything unnecessary. 
    • Needle holder: recommended for comfort, but not necessity. If you think the fine motions of felting might cause soreness in your arm, a needle holder really helps. 
    • Thimbles: recommended for cautiousness. Needle felting involves sharp needles (it's in the name!), so a thimble can protect your fingers. However, working with thimbles decreases dexterity so some felters choose to work without them. 

    Our kits include sharp felting needles that can cause harm if used incorrectly. We recommended our kits for adults and children over age 10. Successful needle felters have patience, can work with focus and care, and enjoy learning a new skill!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Felting is Fun!!

    This kit is fantastic and so approachable for beginners! The instructions are descriptive and helpful, and the online tutorial with demonstrations is an awesome resource. The kit came with the perfect amount of each color wool, and the felting mat and needle holder add-on's were SO beneficial. I can't wait to try the Panda next!

    Written instructions are very poor for beginner kit

    Video is very thorough and excellent but written instructions are very poor for a kit advertised as beginner.

    Dear Cathy, as a new business we appreciate your feedback and are so glad you found the videos useful. Your feedback makes sense, so in future kits we send out we will update our written instructions so the detail matches that of our video tutorials. Please know at Just Fuzz we provide customer support and are here if you have any questions. We hope you will try our future products! Thank you for supporting small businesses.

    Liam Sullivan
    SO soothing

    This cathartic little kit is exactly what my mind and fingers needed! I love that they included enough practice felt for me to figure out what I'm doing first before crafting my handsome penguin. I suspect a more skilled hand could use it to needle some sort of hat. Can't wait to get my panda :D

    Just fun

    Once I got used to the stabbing motion, I found myself working on my penguin all the time. I was excited to shut off my phone and do something wholesome and fulfilling. It is extremely satisfying to watch the creature come together over 4-5 hours. It is very easy to stop at a moments notice and come back to later, which I appreciated during small breaks in my day. I found the videos very informative and would recommend watching those rather than just sticking to the written instructions. The kit comes with plenty of extra wool, and I had plenty to felt a small goldfish companion for my penguin. 10/10 would do again

    Daniel Dietz
    So easy and fun!

    This is a great gift!